Beavers provide fun and laughter for young people aged 6 – 8, lets meet the team that makes it happen…

Beaver Leader: Suzi Ward

Assistant Beaver Leader: Vacancy

Cubs provide a fun and exciting programme for young people aged between 8 and 10 years of age. Lets meet the team that creates the magic.

Cub Leader: Dom Bayliss (aka Digestive)

Assistant Cub Leader: Rebecca (aka *****)

Scouts is the oldest section at 1st Huncote & Croft, providing experiences only available through Scouting for young people aged 10 to 14.

Scout Leader: Michael Lashbrooke (AKA Badger)

Assistant Scout Leader: Trevor Hillier (AKA Bodger)

The Executive Committee are a group of enthusiastic volunteers that work tirelessly behind the scenes to allow the group to function.

Group Treasurer: Kevin Peacocke

Group Chairman: Martin Beadman

Group Scout Leader: Sally Beadman

Group Secretary: Sarah Lashbrooke

Executive Member: Vacancy

Executive Member: Vacancy

Here are others that support the running of the group

Quarter Master: Vacancy

Fund Raising Manager: Vacancy

Occasional Helper: Vacancy